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Fire News Guatemala 2018 / 05 / 08

Trailer crashes into firefighters while attending emergency

Pacific.- Trailer crashes into the firefighters while they were caring for a hit person. The firemen moved a patient but on the way they had to stop because they found a person run over.

The early morning hours were more hectic than normal for Unit 1156 of the Volunteer Firefighters of Company 54, Villa Canales. They attended an emergency, when on the way they were presented with another one that ended in tragedy anyway.

According to the rescuers, they were transferring a patient to the hospital when they had to stop at kilometer 26 of the Route to the Pacific, because there was another person run over.

While they were attending that second emergency, a trailer hit the ambulance at high speed, where the first patient was waiting for the firemen to finish caring for the person being run over. The trailer fled.

The firemen were unharmed, as was the patient waiting inside the ambulance that was hit. The second person who attended, the run over, died in the place.