The Greek justice acquits of all charges the three firemen

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Fire News España 2018 / 05 / 07

The Greek justice acquits of all charges the three firemen

Sevilla.- The Greek justice acquits of all charges the three firemen of Lesbos accused of rescuing refugees. After more than two years appointed by the Greek justice to save lives in the Mediterranean the three Sevillian firefighters belonging to the NGO Proem-Aid, Manuel Blanco, Julio Latorre and Quique Rodríguez, have been acquitted of all the crimes that were imputed to them.

The road has not been easy, but they have never been alone, as these three firefighters have remembered in all their press conferences and interviews. This Monday May 7 will remember him with joy, but also with some sadness after having to give explanations for saving lives in the Mediterranean.

In Mytilene (the capital of Lesbos) they faced a trial for attempted human trafficking, after being detained on January 14, 2016 when they carried out humanitarian rescue work for refugees as volunteers of the NGO Proemaid, for which they spent two days in the dungeons to pay a deposit of 5,000 euros.

The three firefighters faced by this accusation with up to ten years of prison, although to its exit the past Saturday from Seville they were optimistic in which the sentence – that will be dictated after the oral hearing is acquittal.

Throughout the process, they had the support of the Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, who committed himself to the diplomatic presence of the Spanish Embassy. In addition, the Minister of Justice of the Andalusian Government Rosa Aguilar, a delegation of deputies of the Autonomous Parliament and representatives of the City of Seville, who traveled to Lesbos to show the support of Spanish institutions to their work and confidence in their innocence.

On the other hand, in the Plaza Nueva in Seville, many people gathered to support the three Sevillian firefighters, who have finally been declared acquitted by the Greek justice.