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Fire News Argentina 2018 / 05 / 08

Lightning burned firefighter communications equipment

Buenos Aires.- The intense electrical storm that developed early this morning in San Vicente left an unpleasant consequence for the barracks of volunteer firemen of Alejandro Korn: from lightning, the communication equipment, the computer and the telephone of the establishment were burned located in Palacios and Don Quixote.

Communication equipment is a sensitive issue for Korn firefighters since a few years ago they stopped sounding the siren in the barracks to send alerts through “handys” and a mobile application.

That is why, at the beginning of the day, the barracks authorities arranged for a technician to arrange the “base” so that they can communicate. And now they look for the solution to the lack of computer and telephone.

According to testimonies of neighbors before El Diario Sur, last night Alejandro Korn fell two lightning bolts, which caused damage to household appliances in several homes. The most affected area was the Villa Coll neighborhood.